Issue 4

Musotrees is a Kuala Lumpur-based periodical print that explores on journey and destination. Musotrees was initiated through mobile photography and constant idea of traveling.

What is Musotrees magazine?

Musotrees is a biannual independent publication based in Kuala Lumpur that speaks on journey and destination. The magazine was initiated through mobile photography and the constant idea of travelling. In short, it is a travel magazine that portrays beautiful pictures and simple journey stories. I started solo travel, and it gives me so much opportunity to explore this field.

Who are the readers of Musotrees?

Mostly people in creative fields, avid travellers and coffee culture.

Why do you work in magazines?

I love papers. I literally collect magazine from around the world. So the idea of having my own magazine popped out and I thought why not to turn this passion of mine into something fruitful. So making magazine has been such a fun work for me. At the same time, I want to share my photos and stories into something tangible. Magazine is the right platform.

What is so exclusive about Musotrees?

Musotrees is an expression of the photo-sharing platform in print form with experimental design, layout and ethos. Travelling has always inspired me. It's my passion. Doing things I love give me energy. It keeps me going, being driven on every step I've taken. Musotrees is a self taught project. To begin with, I'm not exactly in creative field back in the days. 8 years ago, I was in science field. Now I'm happy to say I'm doing things I love, got to travel more and importantly meeting more new people! Every day is a new day. That matters to me.

Who are the makers of Musotrees?

Musotrees comprises a very small team. Together with my fellow co-founder, we have 2 seasonal designers that working remotely and a proofreader.



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