Hey Gents

Hey Gents

Issue 3

Hey Gents is a biannual men’s lifestyle publication focused on exploring products and experiences that can enhance your life.

What is Hey Gents magazine?

Hey Gents Magazine explores products and experiences that can enhance your life. Our magazine is the type of publication that’s displayed proudly on reader’s coffee tables, kept and loved for years as they build their collection.

Who are the readers of Hey Gents?

Hey Gents readers are primarily style-conscious males. They’re early adopters with an appreciation for good design, consistently seeking out quality products and experiences.

Why do you work in magazines?

Although amazing, it's easy to get caught up in this digital age; constantly staring at screens and carrying devices. Now more than ever, it's a beautiful thing to sit down with a book or magazine and turn a page, free from pop-ups and notifications.

What is so exclusive about Hey Gents?

We're based in Australia and our primary readers are male, so naturally there's a masculine edge, along with a unique perspective that comes with living in Australia, away from the larger design and fashion hubs. Those factors along with careful curation and a consistent, clean aesthetic is what makes Hey Gents unique.

Who are the makers of Hey Gents?

Hey Gents Magazine was started by three friends in Sydney Nick Vodicka, Joe Vuong and Daniel Clark. Our team has now grown to include a talented group of writers and photographers.



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