Issue 1

Haven chronicles the journey homeā€”from the thrill of the open road to our innate longing for rest, solace and connection. In addition to stunning color photography and thought-provoking essays, we chronicle stories of musicians, mothers, lovers, off-road adventurers and families who gather round the table.

What is Haven magazine?

Haven is about taking the journey and finding home. Created by a group of pioneers, question-askers and home-lovers, Haven is the story of place, of people, of communities—how we both navigate the open road and balance our innate longing for rest, for solace, and connection.

Who are the readers of Haven?


What is so exclusive about Haven?

We believe in sincere storytelling and being widely inclusive. We want our readers to feel welcomed into the pages, not put-off by marketing or unattainable lifestyle standards. We hope to inspire honesty and vulnerability.

Who are the makers of Haven?

Liz Bell Young - Editor in Chief, Creative Director

Why do you work in magazines?

We love story and assembling community on paper.


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