Design Anthology

Design Anthology

Issue 11

Design Anthology is Asia’s only luxury interiors, design, architecture and urban living magazine.

What is Design Anthology magazine?

Design Anthology’s editorial concentrates on high-quality, informed and timeless design — not fads, trends or DIY — and is aimed at a sophisticated, well-travelled and discerning audience. Each issue features quality writing by an international team about the built environment — from macro to micro — with subjects ranging from urban planning and architecture to interior design, furniture, art and a travel section aimed at the creative class.

Who are the readers of Design Anthology?

Our readers are specifiers and purchasers of design products. But they are more than that — they are early adopters and influence a wide audience about products, travel, fashion, technology and more.

What is so exclusive about Design Anthology?

Only Design Anthology is focused on a curated selection of high-end projects in Asia or by Asian designers internationally.

Who are the makers of Design Anthology?

Suzy Annetta - co-founder, editor in chief

Why do you work in magazines?

Part of the definition of luxury is something rare, unique and available to only a select few. So in the postdigital world, an analogue experience is the new luxury.


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