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How will I know which magazine will come on my way?

Every magazine that comes on your way is a beautiful surprise. There is no way of knowing which magazine will arrive but we can definitely ensure that the magazine you will get will be amazing enough.

Can I purchase Magazine Stacks subscription for anyone else?

Surely, you can gift Magazine Stacks subscription for anyone you like. All you need to do is that that you need to select the gift option on our Magazine Stacks’ subscription page, filling in the details.

How will I come to know that my subscription has been confirmed?

Within 24 hours of your subscription you will be intimated through an e-mail confirmation.

When shall I be able to get my subscription copy delivered?

We send out our monthly subscription deliveries in the first week of every month. We use Indian Post (EMS Speed Post) for all our deliveries. Delivery time on an average is between 5to7 working days. We keep the subscribers updated via our social media updates.

Are you also offering delivery at International destinations?

No, we are not open to delivery for international destinations.

What kinds of payment methods are you accepting?

You can pay for your subscriptions through any sort of major Debit as well as Credit cards.

How will I be able to update the given details in my subscription?

You can edit and update your delivery address & other details on your profile page than can be accessed once you login using your email id and password.

How will I be able to make a cancellation of my subscription?

Cancellation of magazines is possible by sending a mail to You will also be refunded if you have paid but the magazine is not out for delivery.

Do I have options to make changes in my stacks during the subscription period?

Sorry, there is no option of making any changes in the stacks during subscription period.

What is the process of renewal of subscription?

When the present subscription has expired, you will be able to renew the subscription by a simple login from your used email id as well as the password. We will send you an email to renew your subscription in enough time to ensure you don’t miss any deliveries.

Is registration compulsory if I want to buy magazines from the shop?

Purchase of magazines is open to all and no registration is compulsory for the purpose.

Is a refund or exchange facility possible on my order?

Unfortunately, any items that have already been shipped on our behalf is not eligible for exchange or refund.

What do I do if I have not got the delivery yet?

Kindly get in touch with us over mail on and we, from our end would connect to the delivery partner for knowing the details of shipped package.

How will I get information about any sort of upcoming events?

You are always welcome to opt for a sign up or subscription of our newsletter and you can also get necessary information from our social media platforms.

What is the minimum age criteria for being a part of Magazine Stacks subscriber or purchaser?

You need to be at least 18 years of age for being eligible to purchase or subscribe magazines from Magazine Stacks.




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